Security & Safety
Traditional security system sees great room for improvement to become more intelligent, driven by:
  • A large proportion of security work is repetitive and boring for human
  • Again population presents a gap in labor supply
Being an important part of modern, intelligent security, robotics creates unique values including:
  • Flexibility:
    to accommodate changing priority in security
  • Dynamic system: enable automatic patrolling than statics camera positions
Loomo-based solutions could improve communal security service in communities.
  • Loomo is a programmable and expandable mobile robotic platform
  • Loomo can reduce labor cost significantly.
  • Loomo's AI an make your security practice more intelligent

Autonomous Patrolling

You can build Loomo-based apps to perform inspection tasks in parks, financial, business or governmental center,community and more places using a combination of autonomous navigation and video streaming.

This will enable:
  • 24-hour security inspection
  • Regular and reliable patrolling following a specified route
  • Emergency identification by human operators or AI algorithm

Assist Human Operator Improve Security Service

Loomo-based applications can have the robot as a telepresence of the human operator in security tasks. In such use cases, Loomo can:
  • Collect images from multiple directions with HD cameras
  • Inspect specific location as guided by remote control

Safety Compliance Assistance

In warehouses and factories, safety rule monitoring and enforcement can be improved by Loomo-based application, because:
  • Robots can diligently perform repetive tasks of identifying non-compliance and going up to people to remind them of rules
  • Robots do not feel the reluctance as a human may feel when repeatedly pointing out non-compliance behavior of a colleague
Therefore, some useful Loomo-based applications may include:
  • Establish a system to identify
  • Integration with our systems for non-compliance reporting and real-time corrections
  • Carry about security training
Care for the Elderly

New models in elderly care are emerging responding to the increasing health management need, especially for aging in place.

Robotics technology can improve quality of care, reduce social economic costs, and reassure family members, enabled by:
  • Multimodal human-computer interactions
  • Environment & context understanding
  • Autonomous navigation
  • Intelligent decision-making

Loomo provides a reliable, extenable robotic platform that allows you to build robots that fulfill your customized needs in your use cases in the space of elderly care.

Remote Monitoring for Aging in Place

Nowadays, many elderly live alone at home. Many of them have chronic conditions that need to be managed. How do we collect the data about his or her health condition and the information about living environment? How do we send these data and information to their children, doctors or hospitals to realize need-based, real-time monitoring for the elderly?

You can build Loomo-based applications to:
  • Video live streaming and conferencing
  • Real time data sharing with care takers and family
  • Members through cloud services
  • Detect accident and provide health alert messages
  • Home service and daily supply ordering

Health Data Management for the Elderly

Robotics technology can improve quality of care, reduce social economic costs, and reassure family members, enabled by:
  • Directly collect healthcare information by establishing connections between healthcare related sensors and the robot; Assess the elderly's health condition automatically and regularly
  • Provide reminder services for drug compliance and preventive interventions
  • Generate comprehensive and timely health report as a port of total health management solution with combined inputs of at home data and in hospital data

Smart Community-based Elderly Care

As the life expectancy grows, the retired elderly spends substantial time in their neighborhoods. Building a smart community can play a critical role in improving the quality of life for the elderly. You can build Loomo-based applications to:
  • Motivate and accompany elderly to maintain an active lifestyle for longer time
  • Serve as a moving protal of social network for elderly to keep the elderly connected with friends and family
  • Provide entertainment (i.e. interactive games) and companionship
  • Assistance of daily tasks such as item carrying assistance
Retail & Warehouse

Robotics technology can help retail industry and automate, standardize and personalize business processes. Loomo's technologies, including learning, computer vision, mobility, and voice interaction can activate many opportunities for optimization.

By building Loomo-based applications, you can improve your retail business through many use cases.

Shopping Experience Improvement

You can build Loomo-based application to provide the customers in your stores with convenience and delight.

  • Provide professional and informative answers to customers who have questions (i.e. price, discount, reviews, etc)
  • Help customers to plan out their shopping routes and, lead customers to identify goods that they are looking for on the respective shelf
  • Service as a smart carrying assistant for customers
  • Data collection for customers’ shopping behaviors to derive consumer insights

Inventory Management

Loomo-based applications can help retail managers to correct the wrong price tags and relocate items to right places. This will improve sales and reduce labor costs.

A typical Loomo-based application in this use case could be:
  • Autonomously navigate around the store to scan and analyze the item placement
  • Provide information to retail managers to make adjustments
  • Error analysis and report generation to guide display design optimization

Warehouse Automation

In warehouses, a large amount of goods need to be moved everyday. Loomo-based application can help with those transportation tasks with both rider mode and autonomous robot mode. Some Loomo-based applications could be:

  • Assisted goods picking where Loomo serves as a follow-me robot that carries the items for the human operators
  • Smart transporter for human worker to get to locations in the warehouse
  • Autonomous and reliable goods movement between way points