• World-renowned self-balancing technology by Segway meets a suite of exciting sensors, including Intel’s RealSense camera.
  • Strong perception capacity and diverse interaction modes.
  • Android-based, ROS-compatible SDK accelerates the process to build a range of applications.
  • Best-in-class locomotion algorithm enables precise and reliable path planning and motion control, adaptive to indoor and outdoor environment.
  • Hardware extension bay allows further customization of the robot.

Loomo Academy includes:

  • 1 unit of Loomo robot
  • 1 unit of hardware extension development tool
  • Group account for Loomo Developer Portal (up to 30 users)


Based on data from depth camera, HD camera, ultrasonic and infrared distance sensors, this service provides modules perceiving and analyzing human and other surrounding objects.


Leveraging a 4+1 microphone array, this service provides voice recognition and Text to Speech (TTS) in English and Chinese.


Uses multiple sensors for robot positioning, automatic path planning and motion control.


Consistent interaction control through voice commands, actions, emojis, etc.


Communication with additional devices through TCP protocol.

Hardware extension

USB 2.0 and 24V power supply allow integration of accessories.

Loomo Academy
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Partners & Cases

MIT created Hacking Medicine Robotics in Singapore, based on Loomo.

MIT launched SMART Robotics & Intelligent Technology Track at Grand Hack, featuring Loomo.

Global President of RoboCup, Itsuki Noda, presents industry appreciation award to Segway Robotics.


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CES Best Robot Award


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AIR (AI and Robotics) TOP 25

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