Hardware Specs

Dimensions Height * Length * Width: 650 x 310 x 570mm
Net Weight ~ 19kg (~ 42lbs)
Battery Capacity 329Wh
Speed Limit 8km/h (4.3mph) in robot mode, 18km/h (11mph) in SBV* mode
Head Rotation Range Yaw ± 150 degrees, pitch -90 ~ 180 degrees. Origin is upon transformation
LCD Screen 4.3 inch, 480 * 800 pixels
Operating Temperature In robot mode: 32 ~ 95°F (0 ~ 35°C), in SBV mode: 14 ~ 104°F (-10 ~ 40°C)
Storage Temperature 14 ~ 122°F (-10 ~ 50°C)

Sensor Specs

RealSense ZR300 Real-time 30Hz RGB-Depth & FishEye image with IMU data streaming (indoor & outdoor)
HD Camera 1080p 30Hz streaming with 104 degrees FOV
Mic Array 5 microphones enabling beamforming, voice localization and voice commands recognition
Ultrasonic Sensor Frontal obstacle distance measuring
Infrared Sensors x2, used for ground cliff detection
Touch Sensors Three touch sensors located at robot head left, right & back
Encoders High precision hall & magnetic encoders to measure head joints angles, and provide odometry for wheels
IMUs Enables camera stabilization & provides pose feedback

Platform Specs

Processor Intel Atom Z8750, 4 cores 2.4GHz, x86-64
Operating System Customized system based on Android 5.1
Memory 4GB
Storage 64GB
USB Ports USB 3.0 Type-C
Extension Bay USB 2.0 and 24V power supply (max. 1A)

SBV Specs

Payload 55 ~ 220 lbs (25 ~ 100 kg)
Rider Requirements 14-60 years-old, 4'3''-6'66 (130-200 cm)
Typical Range ~18 miles (~30 km) per charge
Traversable Terrain Paved road and sidewalks, packed dirt, slopes < 15°, obstacles < 0.4 in (1 cm), gaps < 1.2 in (3 cm)
IP Rating IPX4
Wheels Motor Power Nominal 400W x 2, Max. 800W x 2

Battery Specs

Nominal Voltage 51 V
Max. Charging Voltage 58.8 V
Charging Temperature 32 ~ 104°F (0 - 40°C)
Continuous Discharge Power 1530 W

Charger Specs

Model Number HT-A10-120W-58.8V
Nominal Power 120 W
Input Voltage 100 ~ 240 V AC @50/60Hz
Output Voltage 58.8 V
Output Current 2 A
Charging Temperature 32 ~ 104°F (0 - 40°C)


Currently available


Raw image data streaming

Human and objects perception including detection and tracking


English voice wakeup and recognition

Chinese voice wakeup and recognition

Audio recording with beam-forming


Robot base control

Robot head control

Robot system event broadcast

Navigation mode

Follow mode



Message connection between Android devices


GIF facial animation

Robot base movement animation

Audio support

JSON animation script

Robot head movement animation

Coming soon


Obstacle mapping

Face recognition

Human pose analysis

Visual slam


Online voice recognition


Obstacle avoidance

Path planning



Internet image streaming

Message connection between robot and PC

Robot image streaming


Animated facial expression

Show text on screen

Head LED light animation

Emoji development tool

More Emojis

ROS Support

ROS bridge for vision, speech and locomotion messages