For Loomo Enterprise users please contact your FAE through Slack.
For Loomo SDK or programming questions, please visit our Developer website or Developer forums.
What can I do if screen cannot turn on?

First of all, please note that in SBV (Self-Balancing Vehicle) mode, the screen should be off in normal case. If the screen cannot turn on after Loomo transformed to Robot Mode, switch it back to SBV Mode then switch to Robot Mode again to see if it works. If not, try reboot the robot.

Is Loomo able to keep completely static?

When put on a flat ground without anything touching Loomo’s wheels, Loomo is able to keep still. But due to the feature of IMUs, it may slightly rotate or move forward and back.

What to do if Loomo cannot be turned on?

First check Loomo’s battery status by connecting the provided charger, you would see power indicator flashing. Then unplug the charger and press the power button for one second.

What to do if Loomo’s tablet is dead?

Try reboot the robot. Please note that in such situation it may take up to 15 seconds to completely turn off the system.

How do I know the remaining battery life of Loomo?

A grid on battery indicator equals about 6 km travel distance, or about 2 hours robot working.

Can I charge Loomo with power turned on?


How to keep Loomo static in a moving vehicle (i.e. bus/subway)?

Turn the robot off. Accelerating or decelerating would affect the balancing mechanism of Loomo.

Can Loomo itself move up/down stairs?

No. Loomo cannot move up/down stairs, please lift up Loomo using its handle and help it pass such obstacles.

How to connect to Wi-Fi network?

You would be instructed to set up Wi-Fi connection upon first boot. Later when you would like to change Wi-Fi settings, either drag down the notification menu, or enter settings to find network settings.

What can I do if I did not receive an order email after I made my payment?

If you do not receive an order email after your payment, please contact info@loomo.com.

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